Attract new clients and keep them coming back to your business…

Opening in January 2014, this brand new venue is a premium training and competition facility for the Ocala Eventing community. World-renowned eventer Clayton Fredericks designed the venue with plans to emulate the best training and competition venues from around the world.

With beautiful handcrafted custom fences and professionally manicured grounds, the park is attracting the entire eventing community to train daily and compete in the weekly competitions. So far in 2014, over 300 horses have schooled at the cross country field and competed at the weekly Jump X Extreme competitions.

From January to April, Ocala is home to well over 400 eventers, their staff, families and fans. Some of the world’s best eventers from the United States, Australia, Belgium, England, Canada, South Africa and New Zealand gather in Ocala during the first quarter of each year. In addition, a recent trend has many eventers making Ocala their year-round base. This regular gathering of top and upcoming riders provides a unique backdrop for businesses to profit from this market segment.

This new X-Country Park provides many opportunities at a variety of investment levels for you to show case your business, products and services to a captive audience with significant disposable income.

Contact us to find out how we can work together to grow your business with this captive market.

Meet the eventing demographic

By promoting your products and services at the new X-Country Park you can get direct access to a very desirable consumer group.

This market segment has the spending power to contribute to your bottom line. People in this group:

  • are educated,
  • own multiple residences and vehicles,
  • travel regularly,
  • have a variety of pets, and
  • enjoy and can afford luxury items.